Features Of ClO2

Features Of ClO2

  • Effective and full elimination of all known in water common microorganisms, i.e. bacteria (incl. Gardia, legionella), viruses (incl. hepatitis, anthrax), protozoan (incl. Crypto and Giardia), yeast, fungi, algae and cysts.
  •  Stronger, effiacious and faster disinfection capacity.
  •  260% more disinfection power compared to chlorine.
  •  10 times more oxidizing power compared to chlorine.
  • Long lasting residual disinfection capacity throughout water systems (up to 72 hours, chlorine only 2-6 hours)
  • Highly soluble in water.
  • Steady bactericidal action within a broad pH bandwith (pH 4-10).
  • Very short contact time.(2-10 minutes).
  •  No build-up of resistance by microorganisms.
  •  Higher efficiency in the removal of iron and managese compounds.
  • Destroys algae related taste and odor compounds.
  •  Extensive kinetic half time.
  • Less sewage load by strong decrease in building of organic halogen combinations, provides THM control.
  • High operational safety.
  • No adverse taste and odour effects in the disinfected water.
  • Bounded chlorine building is strongly suppressed.
  • Does not react with water to form hypochlorous acid.
  • ClO2 does not react with ammonia,ammonium or most organic compounds.
  • Decreases,THM’s,HAA’s,MX and other organic compounds with toxic or carcinogenic properties.
  • Removes biofilm very effectively from pipeline & various system parts.

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CDL 7500
Two component Liquid System. Generates 7500 ppm (7.5 gm/liter) chlorine dioxide. Solution stable for 30 days at least and formulated to avoid chlorite formation and to suppress byproduct formation. ClO2 generates is in aqueous solution form. Read More
Tablets which generates ClO2 after adding in water. The solution is ready to use instantaneously. Recommended for use in poultry & emergency situation. Read More
Chloritab Sachets
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A formulation specially designed for sugar industry. Recommended for use as mill sanitation chemical in sugar industry. A formulation of oxidizing & non oxidizing biocide to take care of Leuconostoc mesenteroids and other bacteria’s. Read More


Other  Related Information

History Of ClO2

buy Seroquel without rx About a decade after the early work, H. Davy gave the name of “euchlorine” to a mixture of gases arising from a reaction of various chemicals, including potassium chlorate and hydrochloric acid [Davy 1811].

Properties Of ClO2
One of the most important qualities of chlorine dioxide is its high water solubility, especially in cold water. Chlorine dioxide does not hydrolyze when it enters water; it remains a dissolved gas in solution.
What Is ClO2
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a synthetic, green-yellowish gas with a chlorine-like, irritating odor.  Chlorine dioxide is very different from elementary chlorine, both in its chemical structure as in its behavior. Chlorine dioxide is a small, volatile and very strong molecule.



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