AFM – Active filter media.

AFM  – active filter media is a product of Dryden Aqua Research & Development over the last 20 years to replace filter grade sand. AFM is manufactured from a specific type of glass and processed to provide a hydraulically optimized media in terms of particle shape and particle size distribution. The glass then proceeds through an activation process to increase the surface area by 300 times over crushed glass or sand. The high surface area is negatively charged (zeta potential) to adsorb organics and small particles, the surface also has permanent metal oxide catalysts that give a high redox potential to make AFM self sterilizing and the only activated glass filter media.


AFM properties –

  • AFM®is an activated amorphous alumino-silicate with positive charge organic adsorption (OAD) number greater than 10, the activated hydrophilic surface has cation bridging, hydrogen bonding and entropic interactions with organic molecules.
  •  High surface electrical charge density Zeta potential > -70mv
  • AFM®is certified under Regulation 31 in the UK and International NSF61
  • AFM®is is compliance with European Water Directive (98/83/EC) & (80/778/EEC)
  • AFM®manufactured under ISO9001-2008 quality procedures.
  • AFM®complies with BSEN12902 and BSEN 12904.
  • Uniformity coefficient better than 1.5
  • Sphericity factor better than 0.8

Benefits of AFM –

  • AFM mechanically removes most particles fincar without rxfincar no script down to 5 microns.
  • Sand surface area, approx 3000m2/tonne, AFM surface area >1,000,000 m2/tonne
  • The high surface negative charge  potential helps to adsorb micron and sub-micron particles as well as some dissolved organics
  • AFM rejects bacteria growth and worm-hole channelling
  • Back wash water requirement reduced by 50%.
  • No requirement to replace AFM for the life of the filter.
  • AFM removes heavy metals, Iron, Manganese & Arsenic from the water.
  • AFM reduces BOD, COD from water.
  • Reduced consumption of biocides & flocculants by 25 to 50%.
  • AFM removes organic impurities/NOM from water.
  • AFM Removes color & odor. Certain specialized applications of AFM –

In addition to traditionally recommended substitute to  filter media in rapid gravity sand filters or pressure sand filters. There are several critical application performed by AFM.

  • Removal or Arsenic from Potable water.
  • Removal of chromium 6 from waste water.
  • For COD reduction in waste water.( Textile, dyes & chemical industry).
  • For color removal in waste water.
  • For removal of pseudomonas in process water.
  • Process water treatment in pressure sand filters.
  • Process water treatment for power plants.
  • Raw water treatment in SWRO plants.
  • AFM as an substitute to Disc, Bag, Cartridge filters.


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Other AFM Application Areas

AFM as in potable water treatment
AFM in pressure sand filter
AFM in swimming pool

AFM® reduces the biological risk from bacteria and parasites as well as the chemical risk from water and air just above the surface. The result is a safer pool for children, a healthier work place for staff in public pools and a greatly improved swimming experience for everyone. Read More…

AFM in SWRO plants

SWRO – Sea water reverse osmosis has found a great importance today as a technology for the reclamation of brackish water or sea water and making it potable enough for human consumption or industrial applications.  Read More…

AFM as pre-treatment to RO, DM & EDI plants

UF, RO membranes  & DM plant resins work best when they are new and clean. Fouling of the membranes by inorganic and organic contaminants as well as biofouling are some of the main issues effecting the performance and cost of running  water treatment systems.Read More…

AFM for Arsenic Removal

Arsenic is often found in borehole / tube wells and ground water at varying concentrations depending upon the geology of the ground. In India western states along with certain locations in the south have fairly high contamination of Arsenic in the ground water. IN certain cases Arsenic is also found in the waste water effluent of certain industries. Read More…

AFM for Iron & Manganese removal

Iron and manganese are often found in borehole / tube wells and ground water at varying concentrations depending upon the geology of the ground. Read More…

AFM for Chromium 6 removal

Chromium is occasionally found in ground water in trace amount from 1 to 10 ug/l however the occurrence of chromium is usually associated with pollution from industries such a leather tanning, wood preservation and textiles. Polluted ground water may have much higher concentrations. Read More…