Case Study-Chiquita

Objective: Supply Clean Water For a Banana Packing Plant

Company Chiquita
Year 2003
Description Supply clean water for a Banana
Packing plants
Goal Ferric, Manganese and Latex
Removal from delaxing pools
Capacity 2.757 g dm40 m3/hr
Water Source A private deep well

The Problems:

  • The plant’s well water contained Ferric and Manganese.
  • The incoming bananas oozed Latex from the cut.
  • The combination of the above turned the water color to purple and stained the bananas.
  • Water turbidity was above the maximum allowable level.
  • Water polluted with germs and fecal coliforms.
  • Wastewater were not recycled and created ecological problems downstream.
Parameter Existing Value Required Value
Turbidity (NTU) 150 <10
Coliform Forming Units (CFU/100 ml) 1500 <10
Color (CU) 500 <30
Ferric (mg/l) 1.5 <1
Manganese (mg/l) 0.4 <0.2
Latex Minimize
Water & Energy Cost Minimize

Technical Solution:

The following processes were carried out:
  • Side-stream circulation: Screen Filtration with automatic back wash.
  • Oxidation of Ferric, Manganese and Latex into a lamella reactor: Implementing Hydrogen Peroxide with redox control.
  • Coagulant dosing in order to agglomerate the oxidized fine particles into bigger flocs.
  • Media Filtration: Catalytic Media Filters – implementing AFM®.
Lamela-Oxidation-Reactor (L.O.R.)

Lamela-Oxidation-Reactor (L.O.R.) Process

Exterior view of the Catalytic Media Filters


Parameter Required Value Before Treatment After Treatment
Iron (mg/l) <1 1.5 0.3
Manganese (mg/l) <0.2 0.4 0
Color (CU) <10 500 10
COD (mg/l) 120 25
Turbidity (NTU) <10 150 2
Colony forming Units (CFU/100 ml) 1500 1500 10
Appearance of delaxing pools Purple-black Clear
Water Saving (%) 0 84%
Electricity Saving 0 40%