Case Study-ford

Objective:Supply Of Polishing Filtration System To Ford’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project ID

Company Ford Motors
Location UK
Year 2001
Description Supply of polishing filtration system to Ford’s wastewater treatment plant
  • Reduce COD, residual oil and particulate matter
  • Recycling the polished effluent back to the plant as washwater
  • Save water and energy costs
  • Capacity 500m3/day
    Water Source Ford industrial effluent

    The Problems:

    • Existing quartz-sand media filtration system clogged frequently.
    • Values of COD, residual oil and particulate matter were above permitted limits for dumping into water source


    • Recycling the polished effluent back to the plant as washwate.
    • Save water and energy costs.
    Parameter Existing Value Required Value
    Turbidity (NTU) 150 <10
    Coliform Forming Units (CFU/100 ml) 1500 <10
    Color (CU) 500 <30
    Ferric (mg/l) 1.5 <1
    Manganese (mg/l) 0.4 <0.2
    Latex Minimize
    Water & Energy Cost Minimize

    Technical Solution:

    The following processes were carried out:
    • Trials were carried out in a site pilot plant comparing AFM® to quartz sand.
    • Full scale filtration system was revamped accordingly with the following processes:
    AFM® – Catalytic Media filtration with coagulation.
    Final disinfection using Sodium Hypo-Chlorine.

    Site pilot plant

    Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Full scale plant


    Parameter Required Value Before Treatment After Treatment
    Turbidity (NTU) 5 50 1
    COD (PPM) 50 750 30
    TSS (PPM) 5 105 5
    Residual Oil (PPM) 1 15 1
    Water saving (%) Minimize 0 74%
    Electricity saving (%) Minimize 0 21%

    • Following AFM® performance with the effluent polishing plant, quartz sand was replaced with AFM® at the process water inlet filtration system.
    • Three rapid gravity filters, each requiring 20 tons of quartz sand, were replaced with 18 tons of AFM® each.
    • Following the successful implementation of Dryden Aqua’s AFM® in its Essex plant, Ford Motors had decided to implement the same solution in its Paint Shop in Valencia, Spain.
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