Case Study-Gerber

Objective: Supply Clean Water For a Banana Packing Plant

Company Gerber
Location Costa Rica
Year 2003
Description Process water for baby food
manufacturing plant
Goal Ferric, Manganese and
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Capacity 65 m3/ Hr
Water Source 3 private deep wells

The Problems:

  • The plant’s well water contained Ferric, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Water color and turbidity above the maximum allowable level.
  • Un-controlled chlorine levels
  • High delta pressure on the media filters was reducing the flow rate.
  • Water polluted with germs and fecal coliforms.
  • Microbiological contamination, especially
    by sulfate reducing bacteria.
Parameter Existing Value Required Value
Turbidity (NTU) 30 <5
Coliform Forming Units (CFU/100 ml) 10000 <10
Color (CU) 100 <15
Ferric (mg/l) 7 <1
Manganese (mg/l) 2 <0.2

Technical Solution:

The following processes were carried out:
  • Pre filtration: 100 micron automatic back wash Arkal disc filtration system.
  • Oxidation of Fe, Mn and H2S: Lamela-Oxidation Process.
  • Media Filtration: Catalytic Media Filters – implementing AFM®.
Lamela-Oxidation-Reactor (L.O.R.) – process

Water Cascade

AFM® Filters


Parameter Required Value Before Treatment After Treatment
Turbidity (NTU) 5 30 0.5
Coliform Forming Units (CFU/100 ml) 10 10000 nil
Color (UC) 15 100 5
Ferric (mg/l) 1 7 0.3
Manganese (mg/l) 0.2 2 0.05