Case Study-Samyang

Objective: Turbidity, Suspended Solids And Organic Matter Reduction

Company Samyung
Location South Korea
Year 2012
Description River water filtration to Cooling water makeup
Goal Turbidity, suspended solids and organic matter reduction
Capacity 180 m3/hour 3 towers
Water Source Surface water

The Problems:

  • Shortage of good make up water source availability.
  • River water contained organic colloidal matter
  • Cooling towers were treated with high concentration of biocides to minimize biological fouling.
  • Cooling towers were treated with high concentration of chlorine to minimize bacteria count.
Parameter Existing Value Required Value
Turbidity (NTU) <10 <5
Ammonia -N, (PPM) <3
Bacteria Count (CFU/ml) >10000 <1000
Suspended Solids (PPM) <15 <3
CODT (PPM) <30

Technical Solution:

  • River water was filtered with AFM type 1 and type 0, and then transferred as make up water to all 3 cooling towers.
  • Consequently, biocide and chlorine dosing level was significantly reduced in all cooling towers.
  • Colloidal and suspended matter levels were reduced by more than an order of magnitude, to significantly below allowed values.


Parameter Existing Value Required Value After Treatment
Turbidity (NTU) <10 <5 <0.5
Ammonia-N,(PPM) <3 <1
Bacteria Count(CFU/ml) >10000 <1000 <100
Suspended Solids (PPM) <15 <2 <0.2
CODT (PPM) <35 <1

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