Case Study-Stirling

Objective: Reduce Ammonia, COD, BOD And TSS

Company Stirling Landfill Site – Polmaise
Location Scotland
Year 2001
Description Supply of full biological wastewater treatment plant for landfill leachate
Goal Reduce Ammonia, COD, BOD and TSS
Capacity 500m3/Day 3
Water Source Landfill Leachate

The Problems:

  • The landfill leachate contained high levels of organic materials and ammonia.
  • The effluent contaminated the nearby water sources.
  • Anaerobic conditions created odor nuisance to the neighboring communities
Parameter Existing Value Required Value
Turbidity (NTU) 150 <5
Ammonia(PPM) 1000 <5
COD (PPM) 5000 <200
BOD (PPM) 2000 <10
TSS (PPM)) 1000 <10
TOC (PPM) 1000 <10
Odor Issues Minimize

Technical Solution:

The following processes were carried out:

  • Nutrient Dozing and PH Adjustment.
  • Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR): A biological batch process which effectively removes in a few steps (each one with different oxygen conditions) ammonia and organic materials.
  • Filtration with a pressure filter using Actived Filter Media (AFM®) Grade 1, at 5 meters/hour filtration velocity
  • AFM® – Catalytic Media filtration with coagulation. A polishing stage which removes residual organic and mineral matter. This stage implements our air diffusers.


Parameter Existing Value Required Value After Treatment
Turbidity (NTU) 5 5 3
Ammonia (PPM) 5 1000 3
COD (PPM) 5000 5000 150
BOD (PPM) 2000 2000 7
TSS (PPM) 1000 1000 5
TOC (PPM) 1000 1000 10
Odor Issue Minimize Minimized

Similar Applications:

Dryden Aqua’s aeration equipment & AFM® effluent filtration systems for landfill leachate SBR wastewater treatment system are also installed in:

Daily Capacity M3/day COD In Mg/l COD Out Mg/l Ammonia In Mg/l Ammonia Out Mg/l
Arden Quarry, UK 200 3000 250 700 <5
Binn, UK 200 2000 200 800 <5
Levenseat, Scotland 100 10000 500 2000 <5
Batlleby, Scotland 30 18 120 1200 <5

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