Poultry Meat Processing

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Application Of CDD 5000 In Poultry Meat Processing.

Poultry Processing Flow Diagram. http://screenstives.org.uk/2016/04/04/world­-renowned-iranian-director-to-visit-cambridge/?share=email

can i buy Lyrica online Unloading and shackling → Stunning → Bleeding → Scalding → Plucking→ Evisceration → Carcass Wash → Chilling (Spin Chilled / Air Chilled)→ Sorting→ Packaging.

 The main problem is to control cross-contamination. Contamination of carcasses can occur via contact with soiled surfaces, equipment or the hands of operatives. Microorganisms can also be spread in airborne dust particles and droplets and through any rupture of the intestines during evisceration.The processing of poultry carcasses for packaging provides significant potential for bacterial contamination. Most bacterial contamination occurs on the body surface, and may come from flora on the skin, mud or filth from the feet or from crop material or feces forced out of the bird during processing. Removal of this contamination is accomplished by washing during the processing operation.

Following washing, the birds are submerged in chilled water (34 °F) to remove the body heat as quickly as possible. The chilled water soon becomes contaminated, and can lead to cross contamination of the birds. USDA regulations require the use of antimicrobial pesticides to control the microbial population in poultry chill water.

Chlorine has historically been the pesticide of choice for treatment of poultry processing water. However,chlorine has been known to react with organic contaminants in the process water to form potentially toxic trihalomethanes (e.g. chloroform).

Ban Of Chlorine Treated Poultry Products –

There are several countries in world now who have banned imports of chlorine treated poultry products. And day by day more countries are adopting the said approach considering the harmful effects of the chlorine or chlorine treated meat products. Hence it is becoming a regulatory requirement to have poultry products treated with non chlorinated disinfectants.

Because of the escape of contaminated gut contents, the number of Campylobacter spp.recovered from broiler carcasses increases during defeathering.

Chlorine dioxide is approved for use as an antimicrobial treatment during poultry processing. Carcasses sprayed with ClO2 during defeathering had significantly lower numbers of Campylobacter and E. coli than carcasses treated with the water spray control defeathering. The ClO2 defeathering treatment also resulted in a lower prevalence of Salmonella.

The typical applications of CDD 5000 in poultry products are:

  • During broiler defeathering.
  • Maintenance of a low residual in the scalding tank (0.5ppm).
  • Carcass Sprays.
  • Spin chillers.

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