Application Of CDD 5000 In Aquaculture.

 CDD – 5000 is 0.5% purest chlorine dioxide in aqueous form.

In the case of aquaculture, i.e. springs or ponds, treated water that is re-infected with bacteria can be a particular source of danger, especially at elevated temperatures. The organisms have the best conditions for growth at temperatures of 25°C to 45°C. The pH of value for optimum growth lies in the region of 6.9. A population over a temperature range of 30°C to 35°C requires only a few hours to double in size. Legionella live in biofilms where they are shielded from most chemical disinfectants and all disinfection technologies that do not make use of chemicals.

 Characteristics of CDD – 5000 on the aquaculture field :

  • Reduce Nitrite (NO2- ) rapidly
  • Get rid of odorous soil of animals in culture system
  • Effect quickly and without toxic remnant
  • Dissolved oxygen increasing
  • Decrease the stress of fish in ponds and enhance the rate of feedstuff.

Application Area – Aquaculture Industry:

Live Fish Transport

  • Transport Water
  • Disease treatment during holding


  • Disease prevention treatment
  • Fish larval rearing
  • Prawn larval rearing
  • Spraying in feeds
  • Treatment of diseases

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