Application Of CHLORITAB/CHLORONE/CDD 5000 In Aquaculture.

CDD 5000/CHLORONE /CHLORITAB in Pond Preparation.

CDD 5000 is widely used in pond preparation against conventional chlorination by Bleaching powder/Tropical Chloride of Lime.

follow site CDD 5000 – with its innovative blend provides following advantages.

No drop in pH. pH is maintained as it was of the water.
No Increase in Hardness of water.
No drop in Alkalinity of water.
Additional chemical requirement ( Lime or Sodium carbonate).
Can control Vibiro count/colonies.
Dechlorination/chemical neutralisation time 100% less at least as compared to chlorine.
Labour requirement negligible. CHLORITAB During Culture – ( Shrimp or Fish)
CHLORITAB – with its innovative formulation can be used from 15 days age upto harvesting for disease control in pond. It does not affect the crop when used in a prescribed manner. It has various benefits on the pond water chemistry.

  • Deactivates excess organic load.
  • Reduces unwanted algal density.
  • Reduces Vibrio Load.
  • Deactivates bacteria,protozoa,fungi etc… in water.
  • Reduces Hydrogen sulphide levels in water. Characteristics of CDD – 5000 on the aquaculture field :

  • Reduce Nitrite (NO2- ) rapidly
  • Get rid of odorous soil of animals in culture system
  • Effect quickly and without toxic remnant
  • Dissolved oxygen increasing
  • Decrease the stress of fish in ponds and enhance the rate of feedstuff.

Application Area – Aquaculture Industry:

Live Fish Transport

  • Transport Water
  • Disease treatment during holding


  • Disease prevention treatment
  • Fish larval rearing
  • Prawn larval rearing
  • Spraying in feeds
  • Treatment of diseases

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