Application of CHLORITAB in Dairy Farming

buy Pregabalin  In the dairy industry there is a direct correlation between the amount of water consumed by cows and the resulting amount of milk they produce on a daily basis. There are no common standards for disinfecting the water that a cow consumes.

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In current scenario many times the herds are taken for grazing and open river channel or tributary would be the source of water. And for the remaining time a small vessel/trough is erected which is routinely filled with the borewell water. And effectively there is no treatment given to water. This lead to exorbitant growth of algae & biofilm in water troughs. And the presence of algae prevents the cattle from drinking as much water as  normally they would consume if the water is not fouled. Secondly the fouled water is heaven for bacterial growth & pathogens which are the cause for the Infection and diseases in many cases.

In case of dairy farms where in there is a structured system for drinking water treatment for cattle’s chlorine tablets are added to the water which also has adverse effects on the amount of water consumed. The chlorine creates a souring of the taste of the water which prevents the cow from consuming the maximum possible intake. Secondly, chlorine will only partially disinfect the water due to its pH dependency and its high reactivity with organics in the water, resulting in disinfection byproducts (DBP). Chlorine disinfection by-products have been found to be carcinogenic. Lastly, chlorine will not eliminate the biofilm which grows against the inner surfaces of the water distribution pipes and troughs, which allows the algae to continue to thrive.

Elevated bacterial counts and Iron and Manganese scale complexes with biofilm can cause reduced water intake leading to reduced milk yield. Somatic Cell Count in milk can be influenced by the level of immune system activation in the lactating cow and by water being a source of environmental mastitis organisms to the animal

here Application of CHLORITAB in Dairy Farming.

  • Drinking water treatment for Cattle.
  • Sanitation of Milking Equipments
  • Mastist Control

Recommended Dose rates.

  • 1g CHLORITAB – For 200 Litre of water.
  • 5 g CHLORITAB – For 1000 Litre of Water.
  • 10 g CHLORITAB – For 2000 Litre of water.
  • 20g CHLORITAB – For 4000 Litre of Water.

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