Water Treatment

Chlorine – Savior Of Human Life –

click For more than 140 years, the addition of chlorine to drinking water has been saving numerous lives by destroying the germs in unsafe water sources. 140 years is a very long time! In fact, at the time when chlorination was introduced, neither the automobile nor the telephone, or for that matter the radio had been invented.

see The point is, have we reached such a level of perfection in disinfection of drinking water that no technical progress was deemed necessary for over 140 years? Its not true, technologists, all over the world, have been working continuously to evolve something better than chlorine, which has many harmful after effects

can you buy Lyrica at walmart Down the years the quality of natural water has degraded world-wide including India, andvarious bacteria that were hitherto unknown, are now known to inhabit even the safest source of water. Water recycling, storage and rainwater harvesting have become second nature. The health risks due to these bacteria have increased many folds, but we still adhere to the age old Chlorine, which leaves many bacteria untreated.

The need for safer drinking water was never more than it is now. Therefore, CDD-5000®, which is many times more powerful than Chlorine against bacteria, viruses, protozoa and all other harmful microbial population, was created for the safest drinking water.

Before the creation of CDD-5000®, classical chlorine dioxide (gas) was a natural choice since it countered all known bacteria in the water even though several disadvantages such as in situ gaseous production along with associated risk of handling corrosive chemicals and maintenance and harmful byproduct formation such as chlorite, chlorate and free chlorine.

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Safeguard your live stock
Correct treatment to your livestock has direct impact on feed conversion, mortality, morbidity, consumption of antibiotics and health. And we at SVS Aqua provides water treatment solution to all the livestock industry segments. Read More
Hygienic and quality food processing
Keeping the product hygienic & free from microbial infection is the single most important requirement. And we at SVS Aqua provides various water treatment solutions to various industry like Poultry , Meat processing , Sea food processing, Fruits & vegetable washing, Dairy Products. Let it be biofilm, molds, pseudomonas or any other bacteria, virus or fungi we have a solution.
Water Treatments For Clean Water
Potable water is a prime need for health. SVS Aqua provides viable water treatment systems to ensure eco-friendly and reliable water treatment processes for Potable water treatment and Waste water treatment.
Water Treatments For Power Plants
Power plant is one of the areas where water treatment is essential to avoid pollution. We provide waste water management solutions for Cooling tower and DM plant. Read More
Potable Water For Pharma & Biotech Industries
Pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries have to assure use of potable water according to WHO standards. We provide reliable water purification systems for pharmaceutical industries. Read More
Reliable Water Treatments For RO & UF Membrane
To prevent Biofouling and to promote the death of the microorganisms and the oxidation of the organic matter, sound water treatment system is important. We provide solid water treatment systems for RO & UF membrane treatments. Read More
Go Green At Horticulture & Green House Systems
Horticulture and green house are eco-friendly systems. We provide green water treatment processes to increase the efficiency. Read More
ClO2 has been introduced to sterilize containers in the food industry. Bacteria, yeast, molds and spoilage microorganisms are the enemies of fine wine product. ClO2 is recommended for use in beverages treatment. ClO2 generated by SVS Aqua does not have free chlorine hence the benefits of ClO2 can be taken without disadvantages of ClO2 generated with chlorine contamination.Read More


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