CDL 7500

CDL  7500™: Chlorine Dioxide Without A Generator

CDL 7500™ buy robaxin canada comes in a two-component liquids which, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.75% (7500ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. CDL 7500™ enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With CDL 7500™, the generator is embedded in the two liquids. The components of CDL 7500™ are easy to transport and stock and safe to use. Dosing is done by conventional plug and play chemical metering equipment. As a made-up concentrate CDL 7500™ delivers a far more effective disinfection power than any other traditional disinfectants.

In CDL 7500™ the product is engineered to keep the formations of chlorites & chlorates to minimum level. The addetives added in the product keep the concentration of the generated solution stable atleast for a period of 30 day. The chlorite generated during storage phase of the generates solution are converted to ClO2 due to the presence of weak acid in the solution which created an equilibrium and prevnts the solution concentration from reducing.

Features And Benefits

ClO2 though an excellent molecule was facing hurdle in getting accepted by customers & end-users due to complications involved in method of generation of the product. Customers were required to install expensive machinery & equipments to avail the benefits of the molecule.

With the help of CDL 7500™ the problems related with the complications in application and generation have been resolved.

CDL 7500™ is manufactured with a single concept of user friendly & environment friendly which can be used with minimal accessories and equipment. By using CDL 7500™ users can reap benefit of the molecule which was not available.

Commercial Advantages & benefits

  • No investment in plant and machinery.
  • No changes in current water treatment system of the plant.
  • No structural modifications, changes in pipelines.
  • Reduced manpower requirement.
  • Non corrosive as user concentration.
  • Reduced material handling cost.
  • Warehousing and inventory carrying cost reduced substantially.
  • No additional safety measures or permissions required.

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