Chlorone® is a third generation unique system of generating Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2). It’s a single component powder system designed to release CIO2, which is a unique combination of ingredients which were till date found in a two component system as an activator and releaser. This is the most convenient way to deliver high-purity of Chlorine Dioxide at the point of use.

areas of application

Advantages & Benefits


How it works

Chlorone® powder after addition to 100 ml water releases Chlorine Dioxide by accidification of Sodium Chlorite. Cl02 being generated in gaseous form has self dispersal mechanism and being lighter than air it easily reaches in all corners of the room.

Step One

Take a Plastic Container and add 100 ml of water to it

Step Two

Empty one Chlorone® Sachet to the container

Step Three

Leave the Room closed for 4 hrs

Step Four

Post 4 hrs Ventilate for 15 mins by opening window and switching On the A/C or AHU. Room is ready to use

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