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Our Chlorine Dioxide-Generating Products

Below, please find a list of the products we manufacture, each producing high-grade, purifying, sanitizing, disinfecting Chlorine Dioxide solutions. 


Chloritab is a quick-acting, easy-to-use, NSF-ANSI 60 ClO2-releasing tablet that makes cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and water/air purification completely portable. Upon introduction of these reactive tablets into water, a power, yet safer biocide is produced that may be employed in households, business, agriculture, horticulture, and commercial and industrial facilities. 

CDD 5000™

Designed for larger industrial, agricultural, horticultural and aqua-cultural applications, this 2-Part ClO2-generating product allows for the bulk production of a powerful, yet safe biocide that may be used to product safer water for poultry, livestock and people. 

CLD 7500®

Brief description of product here.

Absorption Granules

A proprietary, highly porous material that has been saturated with Chlorine Dioxide, these Absorption Granules provide for a slow-release, treatment of the air-space and those items contained within that space. This product offers tremendous benefits in the preservation of fruits, vegetables and flowers when in shipment; the long-term deodorization of spaces like closets, duffel bags, vehicles and more. Lasts 30-60 days.


This slow-release ClO2-generating product provides for on-site production of a 0.03ppm dose of deodorizing and purifying Chlorine dioxide. Intended for smaller areas (250 ft³) where the air requires a constant, low dose treatment over a 20-30 day period. 

Residual Measurement Equipment™

Various items for the accurate assessment of residual chlorine dioxide in pools, treated water, and disinfection solutions - both manual and electronic, including two forms of photospectrometry.