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Working with a Channel Partner in India

For the benefit of our home region, SVS Aqua Technologies has formed an Alliance with Dryden Aqua Technologies, stocking and selling their filtration medium, coagulant, flocculant and catalytic oxidizer. This brings to India, a unique technology that is unparalleled in performance. 

Securing Pure Water for a Healthy Environment

  • Products that more than double the performance of an existing filtration system without the need for additional investments
  • Products that are not subject to bio-dynamic instability and will never allow untreated water to pass the filter
  • Products that substantially lower chlorine oxidation demand by up to 50%
  • A System that lowers backwash water demand by an average of 50%
  • Products that may be expected to last for the life of the filtration system
  • A System that provides a quick return on investment

Securing Clean Water for a Aquaria & Aquaculture

  • Crystal clear water – AFM® filtration is much finer and much more stable than quartz sand or normal glass media
  • No Bacteria – Legionella, vibrio, cryptocartyon and many other pathogens grow in the protection of the biofilm. No biofilm means no place for pathogens to hide in the filter.
  • pH stability - No bacterial nitrification in the filter that would otherwise depress the pH. Biofiltration can be deported to a more appropriate, well aerated vessel.
  • Reduced bioload - No bacteria means less total load on the system and lower chlorine consumption in chlorinated systems
  • No smell of chlorine – No heterotrophic bacteria means no trichloramine and thus no disturbing smell and harmful disinfection byproducts.
  • Ecological and economical – No Biofilm means AFM® saves energy and chemical consumption by filtering more efficiently and saves 50% of backwash water compared to sand. 

Securing Clear Water for a Swimming Pools

  • High Filtration - AFM® is the best performing filter media on the market with a certified 1 micron filtration rate.
  • Bio-Resistant - AFM® is 100% bio-resistant: Prevents bacterial growth in the filter bed.
  • Sustainable - AFM® is a sustainable product made of recycled glass.
  • Effective - Crystal clear water.
  • Economical - Lower chlorine consumption.
  • Safer - No chlorine smell and up to 50% less THMs.
  • Did we say, SAFER? - The risk of infections by bacteria and parasites such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Long-Lasting - Same performance for many years. AFM® outlasts all other filter media.