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The bio-security of our food chain may be the only factor that protects our societies and our widespread health. 
That bio-security is often times guaranteed by those charged with the safe production, processing and packaging of the foods we eat and the beverages we consume. 
This means that to maintain health, we must maintain bio-security, and to maintain bio-security, we must maintain hygienic farms, plants and transportation of perishable goods.  At SVS Aqua Technologies, we are committed to just such a guarantee. 

A Thoroughly Unique Offering of A Highly Effective Molecule

Chlorine Dioxide, with its selective mode of action, its high oxidation capacity, and its low potential for damaging environmental surfaces, is truly a wonder of the scientific world. With efficacy in air, water and on surfaces, we have created a broad assortment of ClO2-Generating products.  

2-Part Granular A/B System for Creating ClO2
1-Part Granular Packets for Creating ClO2
2-Part Liquid A/B System for Creating ClO2
Tablets in a Variety of Sizes for Creating ClO2
ClO2 Air Purification Technology
ClO2 Slow-Releasing Deodorizing & Sanitizing Granulars
ClO2 Metered System for Dosing Water
ClO2 Testing Tools for Measuring Gas Residuals