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Mychilze Dairy hygiene Kit

Mychilze Dairy hygiene Kit

The  Mylchize Dairy Hygiene Kit Contains products that not only make sure that the animal udder is clean but also provide preventive measures for diseases, easy dedection of such issues at an early stage,cure & Medicine for the animals,baterial free solution that do not allow the growth.

Mychilze Dairy hygiene Kit Consists

Mesticheck and Paddle

Elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Nam varius consectetur elementum. Mesticheck is the necessity for any farmer to understand if their animal has mastitis and also understand the impact of high Somatic Cell Count on the milk production. This is essential to understand the condition of your animal and its well-being.

Dip Cup

The entire formulation of the pre and post milking dips is done in this apparatus and this is used to create the solutions that would keep the udder of the cattle clean and prevent mastitis. Pre milking hygiene routine is one of the key factors in producing milk in low Somatic Cell Count.

Profilac Dermatex Towel

A unique Dermatex towel that helps keep your cattle's teat cleaned before milking and make sure that a soft and clean fabric is used to give comfort and hygiene to your animal.

Aqua Pro - Water Doctor

As important as the process of cleaning the animal is, the basic resource of the water used to clean the animal and the bacteria that may grow in such water needs attention too. AquaPro helps to ensure clean and pure water that does not attract such bacteria that may lead to diseases based on E-Coli or similar bacteria and provides for the best care.


Unique spray ensures that while your animal may walk wherever it feels like, it also gets the proper care and need to avoid any lameness because of an infection caused.

Derma Pro hand Sanitizer

Any form of human touch is a touch of adulteration to the process of milking and the quality of milk. A unique non-Alcohol based hand sanitizer keeps the hands clean and sanitized before touching the udder to prevent any contamination.

Velocitab for Pre dip

The animal has been using its own time to scatter the resources of your farm, all this time building on various microorganisms, dust, dirt and other materials on its udder. The pre-dip helps to cleanse the udder of such attractions. Unique Tablet based teat dip easy to handle and use and clean the teats before milking hence making it the most effective.

Velocitab for Post-Dip

Once the milking is completed, the animal has its teats open for certain period of time and is prone to various infections, microorganism, and other possible entrants into its udder and the teats. The post-dip helps to remove the risk of exposure and maintain the sanctity of the teats and the animals.

Circo Blue Powder

The vessels and apparatus we use for the milking processes must be as clean as the pure milk generated itself. Proper care lies not just with the animal but also with the materials used to maintain the animal. Thus, this powder helps to clean the buckets and other utensils used in the milking process.

Hoof Knife

Why just disinfect the hoof with a spray when you can also maintain it by giving it the proper trim it needs. This is essential to preserve the overall health of your animal along with its natural form.

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