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Clean Water for Rural India

Access to safe drinking water remains an urgent necessity, 30 % of urban and 90 % of rural households still depend completely on untreated surface or groundwater... [read more...]

Clean Water for a Banana Packing Plant

Bananas grow, and are harvested in many parts of the world, and when they are cut from a tree, the stems ooze a latex that must be cleaned, by a process called "de-laxing"... [read more...]

Clean Water for Mangawhai, New Zealand

Remote areas of the world struggle to provide their population with water that is free of parasites, excessive bacteria and total suspended solids (TSS)... [read more...]

Potable Water For the Cities Of Herreruela And Carcaboso

The residents of the cities of Herreruela and Carcaboso in the Province of Carceres, Spain suffered with water that was contaminated with arsnic and excessive iron... [read more...]

Ridding a Baby Food Plant's Well Water of Ferric, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide

Gerber Foods banana processing plant in Costa Rica struggled to keep their water source free of heavy metals and other contaminants... [read more...]

Protect a Pharm Plant's UV-unit And The Membranes From Ferric And Bio Fouling

Square Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, had an existing pre-treatment to a Reverse Osmosis and UV system... [read more...]

Water Purification for a South Korean Industrial Manufacturer

River water is being used as a source for the Cooling Towers in this facility, river water with high amounts of solids requiring removal...[read more...]