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Water is readily regarded as the most life-giving and life-sustaining substance on Earth. 

Without it, no crops can grow, no biological life can thrive and most, if not all of the life on Earth would cease.  Decline in the quality of water is in direct relationship with a decline in the quality of life. We take our role in preserving and enhancing the quality of this resource very seriously - from filtration to purification, SVS Aqua Technologies may be counted on to manage environmental and water supply success.  

Water that is Free of Organic Soil-Load & Impurities

SVS Aqua Technologies can be your source for a perfect system for assuring water purity - free of organic matter and disinfected from microbial contamination. 

Multi-Spectrum Coagulant & Flocculant

Active Catalyst Oxidiser

Phosphate Remover
Active Filter Medium
Glass Sand Medium
Semi-Flexible, High Efficiency Air Bubbler
Static Mixer for Chemical Injection