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Partnerships allow for the broad experience of each team member to be brought to bear on products and process. In the areas of Agricultural & Industrial Hygiene, a superior partnership has been formed to impact these area of India's farm and factory settings.

SVS AQUA TECHNOLOGIES AND GEA Farm technologies with a combine experience over a century has conducted a extensive survey of the existing milking practice followed by the farmers. The quality of milk produce was checked for compliance with the global milking standards and post research a need for an innovative knowledge and application based approach to bridge the gap between the milk produce by farmers and the global standards hence the birth of Mylchize is the outcome of above study.

Mylchize is an  innovated  approach towards innovation and  optimisation the exiting milking practice with the change in the environment, types of contamination and over dependence on medicine and antibiotics. There has been a quantity deterioration in quality of milk produced and health of animals.

Mylchize is an approach or a way of maintaining animal hygiene which directly affects the health of the herds in direct & indirect way.  The quality & quantity of milk produced is directly dependent on the health of the animals.

Agricultural Hygiene

A safe food chain often begins with healthy livestock. 

Cattle that are receiving pure, clean water, are free of mastitis, and have well-trimmed and protected hooves. 

This section details a simple, clear, and compassionate plan for farmers in India to be able to provide such care to their animals.

We call this Mylchize.  

Industrial Hygiene

Once the milk, fruit and vegetables are harvested for commercial sale, each must be transported, processed and packaged for sale throughout the region. 

Transport and tanker trucks must be kept clean and sanitary, homogenizers, and bottling equipment must be kept perpetually clean and free of destructive bacteria, food plant environments must also be carefully cleaned daily, or more often, to protect consumers. SVS Aqua Technologies and GEA has a system for you.