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The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser is a semi-flexible, high-efficiency fine bubble air diffuser available in 9 different lengths, depending on the air, oxygen or carbon dioxide through-put required. It provides oxygen transfer rates of up to 5kg/kw, 10m3/h of air and 1 kg of O2/h. Its semi-flexible construction with its own internal ballast will stay on the bottom of the lagoon or pit without the need to be anchored to the floor. The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser is quick and easy to install and can be maintained while air blowers are operating and water reservoir is full.

The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser combines excellent performance with cost effectiveness for aeration, oxidation and biological treatment.

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Solid diffusers suffer from problems of blockage from carbonate and iron deposition and are therefore very difficult to clean and maintain.

Flexible membrane type diffusers stay largely free of fouling but, need a heavy frame or, must be anchored to the base of the aeration tank.

Dryden Aqua diffusers are hybrid units. As they are semi flexible, carbonates and metal oxides simply crack off the unit.


Surface aerators waste a huge amount of kinetic energy with an O2 transfer coefficient of 1 - 2 kg of O2 per kW.

Membrane diffusers are more efficient at 2 kg to 3 kg of Oxygen per kW.

Dryden Aqua fine bubble air diffusers have an average bubble size of 1mm with Oxygen transfer coefficient of over 5 kg of O2 per kW.

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