What is NoPhos® ?

  • NoPhos® removes phosphates that enter the pool from water supply, bathers and from debris blown into the pool. Phosphate is a fertilizer and if completely removed, algae and bacteria slowly starve and are eliminated over a period of about six weeks.
  • NoPhos® is a natural product that can be safely used in public and private swimming pools, as well as in natural pools, ponds and aquaria. NoPhos® is a charged ion which reacts with phosphate to form an insoluble precipitate that is removed by AFM®, or it forms an inert deposit on the floor of the pool that is easily removed.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Eliminates phosphates – Prevents algae and bacteria growth
  • Is a natural product – NoPhos® can be used in swimming pools and ponds
  • Makes crystal clear water – Nophos® is a coagulant improving the filtering performance of AFM® and sand filters

How to use NoPhos®

  • Only a small amount of Nophos® is required to remove phosphates, 10 ml of NoPhos® is enough to bind 1 g of phosphate. If you have a pool with 100 m3 of water at 0.5 ppm = mg/l = g/m3 of phos-phate, you have 50 g of phosphate in the pool.
  • To remove the 50 g of phosphate you need 500 ml of NoPhos®. We have developed a quick and simple phosphate test kit for swimming pools. In swimming pools, NoPhos® can also be used preventatively with-out measuring the level of phosphate.
  • Caution: In systems with biological filters the phosphate content must not reach zero.
  • We recommend the following values:

    • For swimming pools and fountains: 0 ppm
    • For natural pools/swimming ponds 0.05 – 0.1 ppm

Areas of Application

In a Public Swimming pools

In a public swimming pool phosphate is measured weekly. NoPhos® is automatically and continuously added to the pool using a peristaltic dosing pump. 1 litre of NoPhos® can be diluted to 20 litres using clean water. This solution is then continuously dosed into a ZPM® before the filter at 1 ml per m3 of water circulated. Example: 100 m3/h circulation = 100 ml/h of diluted NoPhos®. Depending on the weekly reading, the dosage will be adjusted up or down.

In a Pond or Natural Pool

In a pond or natural pool NoPhos® is the ideal product. It works best when diluted with water to a ratio of 1:20 and then continuously dosed with a dosing pump into a ZPM® before an AFM® filter. Some phosphate should be left in solution to help maintain the biofilter performance, so occasional measurement of the phosphate concentration using a precision photometer is important.

In a private swimming pool

In a private swimming pool Nophos® is used prophylactically and is added to the pool manually once per week. The dosage used is 1 ml of undiluted NoPhos® per m3 of pool volume per week. For example, if the pool is 80 m3, add 80 ml of NoPhos® every week. We recommend it is added into the skimmer or to the overflow channel. If NoPhos® is added directly to the pool, there will be a short period of higher turbidity. Precipitation is normal, and shows that the product is working. If a heavy grey precipitation is observed on the pool bottom a little too much NoPhos® has been added, future dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

In a Water Feature or Fountain

In a water feature or fountain NoPhos® and ACO are suitable to keep the water clean and clear and to help prevent algae and bacterial growth. Both products will work even with poor or no filtration. NoPhos® reduces bacterial growth but is not a disinfectant. To provide higher protection against Legionella, our DryOx chlorine dioxide tablets should be considered.

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