DGS® - Dryden Glass Sand

DGS® is a filtration media made from 100% recycled glass in Dryden Aqua’s ultra-sophisticated glass factories. In contrast to AFM®, DGS® is made from mixed glass and it is not subjected to any activation process. Nevertheless, DGS® allows ultra-fine purely mechanical filtration while suffering a lot less from bacterial clogging than sand. Like AFM®, DGS® is produced in strict compliance to ISO specifications and undergoes a unique washing process using 100% rainwater to become the best, safest and purest non-activated glass media on the market.


  • Clearer water and reduced chemical consumption: DGS® removes up to 30% more particles than sands.
  • Less Chlorine Smells: DGS® reduces the formation of trichloramines in the filter for a healthier atmosphere in swimming pools.
  • Less Backwash Water: DGS® needs shorter and slower backwashes than sand (240 seconds to evacuate 99% of retained particles at 45 m/hr).
  • Stable performance and longer lifespan: DGS® has less efficiency loss over a complete filtration cycle and 2 times greater longevity than sand.


Made from 100% recycled glass sourced locally

Improves the performance of all sand filters

Reduces the formation of biofilm in the filter bed

Safe product manufactured under ISO9001-2015 standards


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